About Natasha Tabunova

Natasha has been surrounded by art since her early years in Belarus, where she was born. Belarus used to be an impoverished country, located in the heart of Europe and surrounded by Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Russia. The memories of the beautiful nature, people, and architecture there will be with her heart forever. 

    She has been working in art and fashion from her early years, with limited resources and zero-knowledge but lots of energy and passion. Natasha made all of her's outfits and costumes for her friends in the school theater. Limitations in sources and materials pushed the little girl to explore opportunities and boundaries in the new medium, sometimes not even looks like a fabric, but functional. 

    She has an excellent eye for color combinations and textures. Fabrics under Natasha's fingers tell her stories of the silhouettes and styles that they will become. Mixing different materials opened an artist's eyes not only as a fashion designer but also as a creator. She can easily mix together her own painting on canvas with leather carvings as draping silk fabric on top of it. In addition, she is a fast, eager learner with meticulous attention to detail.  

  Natasha loves the idea of collaborating with creatives sharing her passion with others alike. As a forward thinker, she likes to create original and bold designs. One of her goals is to develop unique pieces that will make people stop and think.